New People

A rock band from Madison, WI

New People is dead. Long live New People!Might Get It Right

You can buy our three swell albums here, listen to them on Spotify, or get mp3s for them free by becoming a member of the Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast (only $5!)

Listen to lots of Mark's music here (and watch him here). Also, look out for Matt's new band "Any Chemistry."

Listen to our final single "We Who Have Escaped," featuring the last incarnation of the band, including Mike Laemmrich (drums), Eric Schumann (keys) and Chris Wellner (vocals, rhythm guitar). You can hear and read about another new song of Mark's, recorded by Mark with Eric some other folks, featuring guest harmony vocals by Lucy Lawless (yes, that's Xena, Warrior Princess).

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Mp3s are also available on iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby, but if you want a physical CD, order it here. You can order "Impossible Things" at CDBaby or get mp3s off of iTunes or at Amazon. You can purchase "The Easy Thing" at CDBaby, or mp3s from iTunes. or Amazon. If you want some combination of CDs other than those shown above, want CDs shipped outside the US, or have any other special requirements, please just email us.

"Might Get It Right" has been over a year in the making, what with Matt becoming a dad, Mark's wife going back to school, and Nate finishing up his Ph.D. and searching for an engineering job. It was, again, recorded by us, and mixed/mastered by Jake Johnson at Paradyme Studios in Madison. It's super slick, generally very concise, with nicer-than-ever harmonies, memorable hooks, and earthy, sometimes caustic lyrics.

Listen to (and right-click to download) these full, free, tracks:
Tolerated Quick and dirty tune by Mark
Fallen Sun Matt's sweet opening tune
Walled Off Space A darker groove from Mark
Summertime A tune from Matt to hold you over through chilly timesImpossible Things

Our Second CD, "Impossible Things" 14 gripping tunes that range from breezy to super dark, with layers and layers of guitars, shimmering harmonies, and a pretty potent overall kick. You are absolutely going to like this album.

Read the album of "Impossible Things" at

Listen to some "Impossible Things:"
The Answer Matt's poptastic pessimism
Find You Out Mark gets spooky and slightly Latin.
Honest Judge A bombastic tune from Nate.

And don't forget our first CD: "The Easy Thing." With 13 songs of pure pop bombast, great liner art and other goodies.

The Easy Thing

Read our profile/review in Madison's Isthmus.

Here's a nice review of the album on Bill's Music Forum.
Our Press Pack

Listen to tracks from "The Easy Thing"
Love Is the Problem Mark's song for all you single folks out there.
The Last One Matt's anthem about recrimination.
Kite Matt's song about taking someone for granted.
The Easy Thing Mark's song about singing for the ladies.

Read lyrics for every song on The Easy Thing.

Watch the "Might Get It Right" CD Release Show
Here's video, put together from several sources by Glenn Loos-Austin, from our 3/23/13 High Noon Saloon show.


"Love Is the Problem" video
A little thing Mark slapped together in 12/08 using pictures graciously (and in most cases willingly) donated by his friends.
(Click the "HQ" button here if your connection is good to see it in high quality.)

More video, including live footage from a few other shows.

Some Details on the Band

New People

The band is Matt Ackerman and Mark Lint, playing guitar and bass respectively and splitting the singing songwriting duties, and Nate Pinney (who appears in the first photo on this page, not the one above) playing drums. Mark's fronted lots of bands. Matt played with Blamm-O (which has recently morphed into some as yet unnamed new project) and used to play in Doll and the Sun Dogs, among others. Matt and Mark had met back in 2001 when they both worked at Epic Systems and Matt considered joining Madison Lint, but that band was full. That band broke up in 2004, and after some time off, Mark was looking to just play bass with some existing band, while at the same time Matt wanted to try out being a front man and had set out to create a side project for his own material. Mark was interested in joining, and Matt invited him to contribute his songs as well, and so in spring, 2006, New People was born, and drummer Julian Salgado Laredo was added the following August.

Julian played with the band for two years and plays all tracks on The Easy Thing. In summer 2009 he decided to pursue other projects, so the band now features additional singer-songwriter-drummer Nate Pinney, recently also of Madison's Ghost Town Council. Nate adds some more ROCK energy to the band as well as a third vocal and songwriting chops. This new lineup recorded New People's second album "Impossible Things" from December 2009 through November 2010, with mixing and mastering running into early 2011.

Recording for the third album, Might Get It Right, ran from late 2011 to late 2012, with mixing and mastering running into 2013. Nate will likely be leaving town for Kentucky by mid 2013, so Matt and Mark are discussing the next steps. If you know a good drummer or a guitarist and/or keyboardist, we're looking to expand into a four-piece. Mark currently releases full songs at the end of every episode of his very popular Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast, so we may well move to focusing on quick-turnaround, one-off recordings to reach create releases for that purpose.

What kind of music do we play? Oh, just listen to the sound files above. We're aiming for direct rock/pop here with nice harmonies over a sort of a grunge base, but we've got wide tastes, and the music will inevitably reflect that.Where do we play? New People have been playing shows in the Madison area since Spring, 2007, at Glass Nickel Pizza, the High Noon Saloon, Alchemy, the Frequency, Mother Fool's, and the Club Tavern in Middleton, as well as for two years at Brat Fest.. We've played shows with the Gomers, Centime, Anna Wang & the Oh Boys, A Minute Jack Forum, Two Bird Rock, Optometri, the Bar Code, Vanessa Tortolano, Paul Mitch, The Type, Tangy, Brian Daly from Sunshine for the Blind, and others. If you want to hear and read more about the ramp-up for this band back in 2006, check this page.

For more songs and other things by Mark Lint, start here. Taken to Sparkling Extremes Give it a Texan Twist Alterna-Pop Classics Vigorous Strumming and Misc. Goofiness Eclectic Psychedelia Synthopop Orchestrations