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Hi, all. This is the page for electronically downloading the album, which means you've either bought the album (Thank you!), or you're here to review it (you'll love it!), or someone just sent you this URL or you've otherwise used your super e-detective prowess to find it, in which case you should really just buy the album right now:

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To hear these tracks, you can just click the links below. To download them, you'll probably want to make a folder on your desktop or somewhere, and then right click the links and select "Save Target As" or however this works for your browser/operating system. After downloading them, in iTunes you can use the command "Add folder to library" to add all of the songs.

If you have a fast enough connection, you can download this single zip file with all the songs. If not, you can download the songs individually from the links below.

New! You will likely also want to download this booklet with all the great album art. (Note: this is NOT included in the above zip file.)

Individual song downloads:

1. Love Is the Problem
2. The Last One
3. Lost the World
4. Kite
5. New People
6. Down So Low
7. Luge
8. Thanks for Stopping By
9. Horse
10. Another Way to Fall
11. The Easy Thing
12. Shadows Fall
13. Axiomatic

If you have any problem at all, don't hesitate to email.

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